Here at SPL we are proud of the work we do and it shows!

I’ve just looked through all the training evals, and they were nothing but top notch!  …Lots of folks also said what they liked most was the “instructor’s knowledge, friendly and detailed, easy to understand.”

Alana O., Smithsonian Institution - Washington, D.C.

Thanks for taking care of the stations and personnel throughout the winter.

Rich R., Baltimore City Fire Department - Baltimore, Maryland

You sure do make it easy for us. One phone call gets us what we need.

Mark L., Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab - Laurel, Maryland

I’ve been doing this for 20 years; our fuel supply has never been more reliable!

Dave W., Amtrak - Washington D.C.

You’ve got some network! You manage to find reliable fuel suppliers for us on job sites hundreds of miles away!

Billy F., L.R. Willson & Sons - Gambrills, MD

I’ve got a bunch of guys singing your praises! They really liked the class! And based on the information you presented, we’re making some changes.

Bob M., Howard Community College - Columbia, MD